Let them watch bicycle racing…

Here we are at the start of July and what feels like, to me, anyway, the start of our summer vacation. The meltingly hot weather seems to have arrived, which makes lounging in the shade sound like a good idea and frosty drinks a required luxury. The garden seems to be gathering momentum, with clusters of green tomatoes appearing in the thickets and rapidly climbing pole beans. The popsicle mold sits filled with strawberry goodness in the freezer. And if all of that is not enough, it is the start of the Tour de France.

The Tour is a bit of a thing around here. And what I mean by a “thing” is a three-week celebration of cycling and French-inspired cooking. It is also a time honored tradition around here in July. There is a supply of cold French rosé in the fridge and a small sampling of recipes I hope to work my way through in the next few weeks. Of course, we will still be planning on some of our staples, like the crepes I mentioned here, as well as a delicious version of a cherry clafoutis that I’ve been working on. And don’t forget Tina’s celebratory drink that she created for just such an event!

The Tour de France, which makes a three week journey around France is not just an amazing bicycle race. With the tour’s first ever foray into the Corsican countryside, I couldn’t help but be amazed by the most gorgeous scenery of that island. Such amazing beaches and lovely towns. Another place to add to my travel wish list, I guess. And while I know I am suppose to be paying attention to the bike racing, I can’t help but watch the scenery flying by for potential travel locations in the future.

Years ago, I had a friend who headed off to France one summer to follow the tour around the country. He came back with wild stories of running up the sides of mountains, trying to catch a glimpse of the peleton speeding by, only to run back down to catch the train to the next stage of the race. I hope that one day I can head off to France to catch a glimpse of this cycling adventure for myself. My own little cyclist will certainly approve! In the meantime, enjoy the tour, friends!



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