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Pine cone cookies

In my world there are two thing that get me into a holiday state of mind: decorating the Christmas tree and baking holiday cookies. Let’s be honest, there really isn’t anything better than sitting beside a softly lit Christmas tree eating sweets and trying to …

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Get your sparkle on

The holidays always make me think of traditions—the ones that have gone on for years in my family and the ones that I am trying to create for my own little family. And despite the short, dark days of winter, there is something comforting about …

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I did it!

I am pretty sure that I am not cut out to be a chef, you see, at heart I am just a recipe follower. Perhaps I need the structure a recipe provides, that bit of guidance that lets you know you are on the right …

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Patience is a virtue that I do not have when all things baking are concerned.

Thru the years there seems to be one, maybe two things that I keep being told but some how do not learn. One, always read the recipe from start to finish before …

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What can you make with eggs, milk, sugar, flour, vanilla and nutmeg. Why a Boston Cream Pie of course!

With the much anticipated summer finally here, it may seem like a fruit dessert of some sort would be the natural choice for a dessert but no, …

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A grape cake

To tell you the truth, I don’t really care for grapes. In fact, I’d probably say that I eat more raisins than fresh grapes. I have no good reason to feel this way but I’m just saying they are not a staple around here.
Just the …

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Ultimate sticky buns

The Bon Appetit covers keep getting me, and April’s Ultimate Sticky Buns were no exception. In fact, I was so excited about making them, I asked Tina to join me in our own attempt to duplicate their amazing results! And I’ve got to say, these …

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Cooked it!

I Cooked the Cover of Bon Appetit’s April issue. This months cover featured The Ultimate Sticky Bun! And by ultimate I think they meant not only the ultimate in taste but also in kitchen disaster bombs, I had a bit of a mess to clean up …

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Hot crossed

My forays into bread baking started at a young age. Standard production of many loaves of hearty whole grain bread were a weekly occurrence in my childhood. I still fondly recall thick slabs of bread, freshly out of the oven, melting with butter and perhaps …

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Little Nest chocolate chip cookies

Cookies – who can get enough of them? Around our house, it seems like we almost have more fun making them than eating them. Every weekend, or so it seems, the little guy starts rummaging around in the cupboards, finds the mixer and started chanting …

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