Sunny days

Coming off of basically two weeks of delightful weather, today was a little lack luster to say the least. So instead of dwelling on the present let’s focus on the past! The preceding sunny days have been a welcome introduction to summer, filled with evening walks, bike rides, fresh spring greens and summery drinks. These sort of days are meant to be taken advantage of.
Virtually every evening included a walk home over the bridge in the evening sun and a quick stop by the store for a few fresh dinner supplies.

Last years parsley plant, which has gone to seed, proved useful in casting beautiful shadows and a few spring greens made some of the best dinners.
And as always Stanley Park didn’t fail to impress. If these last few weeks have been any indication of the months to come I must say that I really can’t wait for summer. I can only hope that the little rituals of sunday walks, bike rides and evening treks over the bridge and to the beach will become summer time habits.


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