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Radish salad with spring greens

A few weeks back, I mentioned my radish craze. Each season, I feel like I cannot get enough of the spring-fresh roots, so I plant them all throughout the garden. Staggering the plantings across several weeks, I am always hoping for a steady supply of …

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Breakfast is for champions

Breakfast is a meal that I can’t live without. I am starving when I wake up in the morning and even after a good breakfast I am ready to eat again before noon rolls around. On weekdays I keep things fairly straight forward, steel cut …

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Très tragique

We have all had a few tragedies in our day I’m sure, but some of us have had a few more than others. The word tragedy is perhaps a little strong as it conjures up more serious events, I however am talking about “tragedies”. Those events …

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Forcing the issue

I am starting to get a little antsy for spring. We’ve had a few days of invitingly warm weather with all of the trimmings of spring—lovely temperatures and blue skies filled with drifting white clouds. The trees are beginning to send out anxious green leaves …

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Link Love

The Sound of Music may have had a significant role in my childhood, but I am not going to break out into song as I tell you about the lovely green hills out my back door. Every spring, I have this crazy wish to go …

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Sunny days

Coming off of basically two weeks of delightful weather, today was a little lack luster to say the least. So instead of dwelling on the present let’s focus on the past! The preceding sunny days have been a welcome introduction to summer, filled with evening …

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Spring vacation

We’re gearing up for some big excitement next week – Tina and I are running our first half marathon together. We’ve been training for 12 weeks or so and I’m looking forward to seeing our efforts put to the test! So, while I’m skipping the …

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There’s a magical little lane around the corner from me. It’s narrow and winds slightly from side to side. It crosses a couple of lazy streams and is lined with endless blackberry bramble. It’s mostly bramble now, but I’m counting on all of that changing …

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A Little Spring

As it turns out, spring is trying to make an appearance around here. It is not too apparent yet, but here and there, a watchful eye will catch a few glimpses.

I found these wild plums just beginning to bud. I trimmed a few wayward sticks …

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Brows eyes lips

Part of the main reason behind the giant slow moving closet cull that has been creeping around the house, taking over one closet after another and then depositing dribs and drabs of stuff all over the house, was to simplify. No simplification has happened yet. …

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